Connecting national brands to the purchasing power of our diverse community.

Welcome to Aequalitas Media!

We have access to a powerful 360° media network in order to engage our audience through multiple media channels—expanding our reach and frequency while catering to the media habits of our community. We will do more than “run an ad” for you. Given the depth and breadth of our media network, we can be very creative in putting together a multi-media solution that will ensure your brand will be seen.

AEQUALITAS is your single point of contact to almost 100% of all LGBTQ+ print/digital media.  One phone call can connect you to dozens of LGBTQ+ media outlets making placing print/digital advertising campaigns easy and efficient.

Our experienced sales team includes former publishers and who are uniquely qualified to understand the ins and outs of getting your ad seen by your targeted audience. 

Our Advisory board is composed of some of the best and brightest in LGBTQ+ media and business; giving you a clear advantage over what our competitors offer, allowing us to deliver the best results for our clients.