We offer access to over 75 LGBTQ+ print titles in the U.S., Canada and Mexico that reach directly to the consumers you wish to reach.  They are a direct and authentic conduit to the communities and consumers that trust them.  Because there are no real mass producers of national LGBTQ+ media such as television, digital and mobile apps as in other niche demographics, such as the African American and Hispanic markets, LGBTQ+  media consumption habits are inherently different. 

Many LGBTQ+ consumers tend to get most of their news and entertainment content from local print publications who have earned their trust because of their ongoing connection to the local communities where they distribute.  LGBTQ+ media consumers have proven time and again that they tend to be concerned and engaged about what is happening in their local communities and will support brands that understand their unique buying habits and needs.

Our close relationship with our network of print/digital publishers in almost every market gives us the edge in making sure the placement process is straightforward and painless for our clients.  We manage the media buying and placement process from beginning to end, so you don’t have to.